2 thoughts on “Ron Carter…two ‘blind’ drawings.

  1. It was an impeccable performance. Four dates into a tour that began in Shanghai and clearly an ensemble who were completely at ease with one another. There was a structure to the evening which allowed room for the individuals to improvise around clear themes with Ron Carter as the backbone. Carter, who spoke only briefly to the audience, described himself as the ‘bandleader’ but there was a spirit to the solo work of his three accomplices that suggested an inherent confidence and a feeling of collaboration rather than subservience to the elder statesman. Much inventiveness from the percussionist Rolando Marales-Matos, warm, casual precision form drummer Payton Crossley and lyrical piano from Renee Rosnes. The three male members of the quartet looked almost ironic in matching 70s suits with wide striped ties. Nothing to scare the horses musically…but beautiful, fluid playing individually and collectively.

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