31st January 2013


1. At the Kurt Schwitters exhibition in Tate Britain as the sound of the Ursonate leaked out from the central room…trying to work out where the fragment of ‘phonograph record’ was in the collage.

kiss 1

2. This Prince single from Dalston Oxfam. 59p.

3. Telling my son. Ivo,  about how ‘That Lady’ (by the Isley Brothers – but I couldn’t remember that at the time) was stuck in my head…but also thinking that the intro of acoustic guitar followed by that wailing electric guitar and wordless falsetto vocal is really wonderful. This song is almost ruined by too much exposure…too much radio play and being played in the background in too many shops.

4. At the Vortex Jazz Club after hearing a duet by Han Bennink and Steve Beresford, talking to Ivo about the validity of ‘prepared piano’ as a musical strategy.

5. Evan Parker, John Edwards, Han Bennink. Vortex Jazz Club, Dalston.









6. Listening to Instant Composers Pool Orchestra and thinking about the band I heard in the Imperial Hotel in New Delhi in the 1980s. They were playing jazz in a lounge style but they also kept drifting into an almost subliminal version of Indian music. It was like an inflection within the sound. Well, I think that is how they sounded. I think I may have got drunk that night and so much time has passed. Out of time and space.

7. ICP’ s cellist, Tristan Honsinger’s single vocal intervention into the ICP set sounding just like a fragment of Kurt Schwitters’ Ursonate.

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