Robert Pete Williams


I read this fragment of an interview with the country blues singer Robert Pete Williams:

Well, I changed my style when I see where I could find more notes on guitar. The sound of the atmosphere, the weather changed my style. But I could hear, since beginning an air-music man. The air came in different, with a different sound of music. Well, the atmosphere, when the wind was blowing, carries music along. I don’t know how it affects you or not, but it’s a sounding that’s in the air, you see? And I don’t know where it comes from – it could be from airplanes, or the moaning of automobiles, but anyway, it leaves an air current in the air, you see. That gets in the wind, makes a sounding, you know? And that sounding works up to be a blues.

Uncredited interview from 1968.

Quoted in August Kleinzahler, ‘Music; I – LXXIV’ P. 264. Pressed Wafer, Boston 2009.

I think this must be pre-style change:

This might be after that change in the weather:

And this, for good measure, is where Captain Beefheart got it: