IN CON with 14

IN CON with(14)

Neil Ferguson and Calum Storrie




Friday 7th June     6.00 – 8.30pm


Saturday 8th June 6.00 – 8.30pm 


Redacting texts,…applying thinglyness to “things”

…organizing meaninglessness in “things”?


Ferguson and Storrie have redacted a variety of publications from Beckett plays and short stories to free gallery handout sheets, cookbooks and detective novels.

…TING FOR DOT is an interactive event where the audience will be asked to apply their own redacting systems to TING FOR DOT texts.


Tools and text to redact will be supplied.



5 thoughts on “IN CON with 14

    • That’s a good question! I think it might be a case of letting me know that you plan to come (though, as this is not my usual thing I am still not quite sure what it is). Also it would involve getting to Brockley of all places. Pencil it into your diary and I will update you as and when…Calum.

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