BOTH AND: Geoff Winston and Calum Storrie at Burley Fisher Books (to 24 Nov; now extended to Christmas)

This from Geoff Winston on….

London Jazz News

Geoff Winston is co-exhibitor with Calum Storrie at Burley Fisher Books in Dalston. The exhibition is called BOTH AND and runs until 24 November 2019 (now extended to Christmas). Sebastian Scotney asked him a few questions:

LondonJazz News: For people who don’t know you, tell us about your work, Geoff…

Geoff Winston: The art works I make, and are currently being shown in a two-person exhibition in Dalston, encompass editioned prints, three-dimensional assemblages and sculpture, and drawings. The three-dimensional work and prints are very much to do with what I call ‘the poetry of the quotidien’, finding form and delight in the everyday, often the discarded and rejected. They are informed by an underlying sculptural and painterly sensibility which goes back to formative years, when art, design and music turned up on my doorstep!

Some of the series of prints utilise and subtly transform photographic elements which are often visual…

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