Robert Pete Williams


I read this fragment of an interview with the country blues singer Robert Pete Williams:

Well, I changed my style when I see where I could find more notes on guitar. The sound of the atmosphere, the weather changed my style. But I could hear, since beginning an air-music man. The air came in different, with a different sound of music. Well, the atmosphere, when the wind was blowing, carries music along. I don’t know how it affects you or not, but it’s a sounding that’s in the air, you see? And I don’t know where it comes from – it could be from airplanes, or the moaning of automobiles, but anyway, it leaves an air current in the air, you see. That gets in the wind, makes a sounding, you know? And that sounding works up to be a blues.

Uncredited interview from 1968.

Quoted in August Kleinzahler, ‘Music; I – LXXIV’ P. 264. Pressed Wafer, Boston 2009.

I think this must be pre-style change:

This might be after that change in the weather:

And this, for good measure, is where Captain Beefheart got it:


000    Duane002

Blame growing up watching Rawhide and High Noon on television in the Sixties…but I have a liking for ersatz ‘cowboy’ songs. Because I couldn’t find my copy of ‘Ghost Riders in the Sky’, here are two Frankie Laines with an instrumental interlude from Mr Twang, Duane Eddy.

  1. Rawhide (N. Washington, D. Tiomkin) 1959.
  2. The Wild Westerner (D. Eddy, L. Hazlewood) 1962. This is the flip side of ‘Ballad of Paladin’
  3. High Noon (Do Not Forsake Me) (N. Washington, D. Tiomkin) 1952.

Piano x 3 (for melancholy times)


3 solo piano pieces…all from vinyl in various dodgy conditions.

  1. Francis Poulenc playing Erik Satie. Sarabande no. 2 (1887). Recorded in 1950.
  2. Art Tatum – Stormy Weather (Koehler & Arlen). Recorded New York, 29th November 1937.
  3. Paul Bley – Ojos de Gato (Carla Bley). Recorded Oslo, Norway, Bendixen Studios, August 8th or 9th 1974.                                                                                                                        

3 Sea Songs


I have always liked 3. I have an old blog still trapped out there in the web that was/is based on images grouped in threes. With this in mind here are 3 sea songs…all transferred from recently bought vinyl…maybe this is the first in a series…



From the sleeve notes to songs of Love, Lilt, Laughter sung by Jean Redpath on Bounty, BY 6004.

(Jean Redpath, Song of the Seals, This Mortal Coil, Song to the Siren, Noel Coward, Matelot)