space station

‘Repetition is so fantastic, anti-glop. Listening to a dial tone in Bb, until American Tel & Tel messed and turned it into a mediocre whistle, was fine. Short waves minus an antenna give off various noises, band wave pops and drones, hums, that can be tuned at will and which are very beautiful.’

Lou Reed. ‘The View from the Bandstand’, Aspen 3

And then possibly…

‘Records should have cracks after the best phrases. So they will repeat over and over and over. As many times as I want to hear them.’

6 thoughts on “Repetition

  1. Someone needs to write the history of the locked groove. (Maybe someone out there has done just that – as usual Wikipedia is only partially useful on the matter). I bumped into one just last night on Eno’s ‘Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy’…an endless insect stridulation and oddly (?) on side one of the LP….

  2. Hi,
    about Brian Eno – when you listen to this locked groove does it play smoothly or can you hear the needle kind of popping after each circle?

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